March 15, 2019

Ready to Increase your Work Productivity – Consider On-Site Fueling

When it comes to workplace productivity, fuel maintenance can eat up a lot of time, resources, and energy. Did you know there’s a simple solution? On-site fueling, meaning fuel delivered directly to your job site, can easily free up hours of personnel time better spent handling other duties. Here are just a few of the benefits that on-site fueling provides.

Security and Tighter Control of Inventory. Just like with any business, you run the risk of theft, but many people don’t realize that fuel theft is a big concern. Not only does it cause an increase in fuel purchasing, but it also requires additional fuel runs taking up valuable employee time and productivity. You may also find that employees in charge of managing the fuel inventory are overordering as well. This could be a sign of fraud especially if all the fuel doesn’t make it back to the job site. If you are noticing consistent fuel shrinkage, it may indicate a problem.

With onsite delivery, you reduce your risks of theft and fraud since each delivery comes with a guaranteed amount of fuel and can be delivered only to equipment or tanks that you authorize. There’s no middle person – the fuel goes from supplier right to the job site and equipment with proper delivery documentation.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity. There nothing worse than downtime at a job site because a piece of equipment ran out of fuel. There’s no more time spent each morning waiting for your employees to fuel up equipment or having to stop everything and leave the job site to go get more fuel. That billable time can now be spent in other more productive ways. With on-site delivery, you get your equipment fueled where you are and when you want.  For example, overnight fueling will have your equipment ready to go when operations resume in the morning.

Save Time and Money. When it comes to running a business, managing time and money are 2 of your biggest responsibilities. The simplest ways to manage them are to increase productivity and efficiency. The less time it takes to complete the project, the more money you should make. Taking advantage of on-site fueling is one of the simplest ways to reduce waste employee time and unnecessary spending.

If your employees need to leave the job site to fuel up vehicles or obtain fuel for job equipment, this can add up to big expenses. Not only are your paying labor costs for employees to travel to and from the job site, but it’s also extra mileage on your vehicles or in reimbursements.

Lock in Your Fuel Costs. When you procure your own fuel, you are subject to fluctuating fuel costs. With on-site fueling, you can have better control over your fuel costs – from monitoring fuel usage to locking in a set rate for the year. When you know exactly what you are paying in fuel costs, you can use the data to better manage your fueling needs.

If you are interested in learning more about on-site fueling, give us a call today!

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