April 30, 2019

Is a ductless air conditioner right for my home or business?

When it comes to having air conditioning in your home or business there are a few options available. How your space is set up, what you have for a heating system, and how much money you want to spend may help you determine what the best option is for your home or business.

If you already have ducts set up in your home or business, installing central air conditioning may be a great option. However, if you don’t, it may not be feasible or could require massive remodeling. A central air conditioning system is a great thing to think about if you are starting new construction, but not always the easiest to add to a home after the fact.

Window units continue to be the most popular option, especially in homes. They are portable, not very expensive, and can be placed in most any windows. Although they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, they are very easy to install. If your space has rooms that are very closed off from each other, you will most likely have to install several units on each floor to properly cool. Using ceiling or tower fans can also help circulate the air better. Keep in mind that not all windows can accommodate a window unit and you may need to purchase a portable floor unit.

Something that is relatively new to most people is a ductless air conditioner. These systems are relatively easy to install and work in a variety of applications:

  • They are ideal for additions. If you already have a central AC system, it may not be possible or require a lot of work to add on to it. Many people prefer using a ductless system for single room add ons like sunrooms, garages, or room above your garage. Spaces like these typically have a different climate than the rest of the house, making a ductless system ideal. You may not want your garage as cool as your bedroom or may only want to cool the sunroom down when in use.
  • Downsizing. If you find yourself not needing as much space in your home or office, it may not be the most cost-effective option to continue to cool those spaces with your central air system. With a ductless air conditioner system, you can install them in the most used rooms of your home to reduce both your costs and energy consumption. Installing the systems in the most commonly used rooms prevents you from paying to cool those rooms that you are no longer using.
  • Solve temperature discrepancies. Like any home or business, you’ll most likely have rooms or areas that that get a lot warmer than others. Whether it’s a kitchen during cooking, a small space with poor air circulation, or a room with south facing windows, you will have to determine if you need to constantly adjust the thermostat to make these spaces more comfortable to be in. One room may be freezing while another is just barely comfortable. With a ductless system, this resolves those issues because you can adjust the temperature individually in each room that the units are installed in.
  • Don’t require ductwork. For some homes, installing central AC just isn’t an option. The labor and costs required to add the ducts just is not cost effective. It can be extremely expensive to add to a remodel or not even be possible due to the set up of the home.

If you are thinking a ductless system might be right for you, Baribault Fuel has you covered. We can walk you through the pros and cons of both a ductless or central air system.

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