December 30, 2021

The Power of Propane – Indoor and Out

There are endless possibilities when you choose to use propane as a utility source for your home, both indoor and out. Propane is a high-performing, efficient, and cost-effective energy source not to mention very safe and eco-friendly. From heating to cooking and so much more, propane can run many of the appliances you use most.

So what exactly can propane run?

Furnaces and boilers.  Propane heating systems deliver a comfortable and consistent warmth for years to come.

Water heaters. There are 2 different types of water heaters commonly used in your home – a storage tank or tankless water heater. Propane can power both types based on your needs and available space.

Cooking appliances. Cooking with a propane oven or range provides you with a more even and controlled way of cooking all while lowering your energy bills. They provide instant heat and are very responsive.

Clothes Dryers. Propane dryers use 20% less energy than their electric counterpart and are easier on clothes. Propane uses more moisture which helps relax wrinkles and dry clothes faster.

Fireplaces. Whether you are looking to heat up your living room or extend the outdoor season, you can use a propane fireplace both indoors or out. They are efficient, clean, and easy to use while offering heat withing seconds vs. burning wood.

Generators. A propane standby generator starts quickly, run quietly and keeps your home running when the power is out. They are available in different sizes and capacities.

Pool heaters. Want to start enjoying your pool more? A propane heater can extend the length of your pool season.

Patio heaters. An alternative to installing an outdoor fireplace or firepit, is using a portable propane outdoor heater. You can enjoy your outdoor space longer and stay more comfortable on cool evenings.

Grills. Propane grills are often the centerpiece of a patio or outdoor kitchen. A great alternative to cooking on a stove or even using charcoal.

Propane is non-toxic and emits less than half the greenhouse gases that electricity does. It has the lowest flammability of any alternative fuel. Since propane doesn’t spill, pool, or leave a residue, tank leaks won’t contaminate water or soil, and won’t cause damage to your home or family.

You may be surprised to learn how many appliances can be powered by propane. From heating to cooking and beyond, propane can run all the appliances you use most. In fact, propane can power all of a home’s major systems to provide you with lower energy bills, a more sustainable home, and unmatched performance that your family deserves.

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