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Propane Safety for the Whole Family

When it comes to providing propane, Baribault’s highest priority is keeping you, your family, and your home warm, happy, and safe.  Even though Propane is a safe fuel that provides us heat and fuel to cook, propane does need to be handled safely. Everyone in your home should know what to do if they suspect […]

Furnace not working? Check these before you panic!

There’s nothing worse than your furnace not working when it’s the dead of Winter and it’s literally freezing outside. Before you call a service technician and incur some emergency service bills, make sure you check these first! Make sure your furnace is on. You might be surprised but this step is often overlooked and the […]

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

We know that heating your home during the winter is a big line item for your budget.  When homeowners get hit with unexpected emergency repairs on top of their oil bill, that can easily wipe out your slush fund you planned on using for that trip to the islands! Here are a few things we […]